Maine Waterfowl Hunting

Hunt Canada Geese, mallards, teal, black ducks, wood ducks and more in fields and small ponds for great waterfowl hunting in Maine.


Time To Gear Up

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Updated April 12, 2013

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Updated: June 1, 2016

Duck Hunting

Half day hunts locally or full day hunts in northern Maine.

Prices start at $175 for one person and $100/ each additional person.

Goose Hunting

Canada Goose hunting in fields.

Goose hunt from layout blinds in corn, grain and potato fields. Prices start at $175 for one person and $100/each additional person.

Maine goose hunting

Northern Maine hunts

Duck and goose hunt packages

We take groups to northern Maine for a minimum of 3 days of duck and goose hunting in prime waterfowl country. Packages include lodging, meals and hunting and start at $325/day/person.

Maine goose hunting

Maine Waterfowl Hunting

Maine has excellent duck hunting inland.

Most people think of sea ducks when they think of duck hunting in Maine but we have plenty of opportunities for puddle ducks in corn fields locally and grain fields in northern Maine.

       Maine goose hunting

                               Silvertons Whole Lotta Ammo

        Maine goose hunting

     Denise and Ammo with Dan Harrison of Remington Country TV

         Maine goose hunting

                                  JD and Ammo at work

               Maine goose hunting

                             Limit of 30 geese- what a great day! 

             silverton sporting ranch lunch

                                  Lunch in the goose field


Guided Hunts for Duck and Goose in Maine

Everything is provided- all you need is your license, federal and state waterfowl stamps, shotgun and ammo.

maine goose huntWe offer local guided hunts for duck and goose with half day and full day options. Half day hunts are typically early morning and you may want to stay in one of our cabins the night before. Duck hunts are mostly small farm ponds, and local rivers hunting from blinds. Goose hunts are in fields using layout blinds in corn or grain fields. In some cases ducks may buzz our goose hunts in the early morning. Trips to northern Maine are in September and October and include lodging, meals and hunting twice a day. Northern Maine has experienced an increase in the goose population in recent years and it is not uncommon to see 1000 birds in a day. Having grown up in Presque Isle I don't remember the goose population being what it is today and many of the longtime residents ( mostly family still living there) have confirmed that it never used to be this way. But it is great hunting now because the farmers have diversified their crops and the goose population has increased.

           goose hunting Maine





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